Thursday, July 6, 2017

MTG SHOP - Artist Proofs & Original Drawings

Welcome to my shop for purchasing my Magic card Artist Proofs and Original Drawings!

Send an email with subject "MTG PURCHASE" to listing what you would like to buy. I will confirm the price of your order and then you can send payment to me via Paypal.

*Please note, my schedule tends to fluctuate, so at times I may not be able to respond to emails immediately. If my schedule becomes too overwhelming to take on new orders, I will make a note on this page.


Foil Proofs, Non-foil Proofs, White-back
What is an Artist Proof?
Artist Proofs are the same as a regular Magic card except the back side is completely white. Artists typically receive 50 Regular (non-foil) copies and 30 Premium (Foil) copies after a card is physically published. The limited quantity of these cards make them highly collectible, and the white backs are perfect for adding drawings.

Buyer Info:
  • Each Artist Proof comes with a free signature and is numbered on the front.
  • For an additional cost, you can have a sketch of my choosing (themed to the card) drawn on the back. 
  • Prices per card will depend on the card's rarity and popularity.
  • Card only purchases will be charged for shipping:
    $1 for 5 or less cards
    $2 for 6-18 cards
    $3 for 19-54 cards

Soulstinger (Amonkhet)

Regular (Non-foil) = $5
Regular (Non-foil) with sketch = $25
Premium (Foil) = $15
Premium (Foil) with sketch = $35


Below are the original pencil drawings I have available for purchase. Sometimes I create a preliminary drawing as part of the process to creating a Magic illustration, other times I create a supplemental drawing after the card art is finished to go along with the card's release (these are not part of the actual creation of the card art itself).

Buyer Info:
  •  All drawings are created with pencils on Bristol paper.
  • Drawing purchases come with free domestic shipping within the United States, for purchases outside the U.S. there will be an additional charge.
  • Drawing purchases made in the same order as artist proof purchases will have no additional shipping fee per-card amount.
  • All drawings will be insured and you will receive a tracking number.
 Soulstinger - Preliminary Drawing - SOLD

Soulstinger - Preliminary Drawing (Used in card art creation)

Photo for scale

Soulstinger - Supplemental Drawing - $250
Soulstinger - Supplemental Drawing (Not used in card art creation)

Photo for scale
Ramunap Hydra - Supplemental Drawing - $250
Ramunap Hydra - Supplemental Drawing (Not used in card art creation)
Photo for scale
 Quarry Beetle - Supplemental Drawing - $250
Quarry Beetle - Supplemental Drawing (Not used in card art creation)

Photo for scale

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