Monday, April 11, 2011

Art Order: Ultimate Fighter Challenge

The lineup for the Ultimate Fighter Challenge was just posted on Art Order. My entry is below. I feel really good about this piece. I think I really raised the bar on my character designing, pose and rendering. This was a really exciting piece for me to work on and it was a very rewarding finish.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Portfolio Prep

I've been preparing my portfolio to send off to potential clients in the very near future. Here are a couple creature pieces I did recently to beef up my portfolio.

Art Order: Segmentation Challenge Entry

Art Order just posted the judging results for the latest challenge "Segmentation" up on the blog today so I thought I would post my entry here. Find out about the details of the challenge here, see the full line-up of entries here, and read the judges comments here. My target group was Under 2 year-olds.

The deadline for the next Art Order challenge "The Ultimate Fighter" is coming up soon and I really feel like I raised the bar on my entry for that challenge so I'm excited for the reveal, so stay tuned!