Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays from Mike Burns Illustration

Christmas Goblin!!
 I just wanted to take a minute to say Happy Holidays to everyone. I hope you have a pleasant time this month and get lots of love and share some cheer. In an attempt to spread some cheer of my own I altered a few of my art pieces to make them Christmas themed... Darksol, Lord of the Yule Tide
Thanks to everyone who stops by the blog. It means a lot to see people taking the time to leave comments on my page and support what I'm doing.

I've also been getting a lot more active on my Facebook page. I've been trying to make it a little more special by posting in progress sketches and updates as they happen. So swing by and check it out! That's also where you can see the 2nd Holiday themed alter I did titled "Wight Christmas".

Thanks again!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More Demon Dudies

Here are the last of my demon pieces. I'm going to give them a rest for now. I'm hoping to dive into the new Art Order challenge that's currently going on. I've really missed those challenges.
 The above guy I originally intended on being a demon, but it turned out looking too alien. There's a couple things I like about it but overall I'd call it a flop. It was a fun drawing though.

 I had a blast working on this guy. I really like the pose and the design. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with the colors. I'm pretty pleased with the final.

I really like this portrait, I had a lot of fun drawing it and I think it looks really cool. But by the time I got to coloring in the image I realized this was too much like the Darksol portrait I did a while back. I decided I didn't want to do another face forward demon portrait. So I made the hard decision of casting this to the side and moving onto the next one. I'm still happy I did the drawing though, maybe I'll revisit this later.

This last one is a rework of an old design I came up with a couple years ago that I've been really wanting to give it a new spin and make it a technically better image. I'm really pleased with the results and it's got me wanting to go back and revisit the other stages of this monster.

Friday, December 7, 2012

My Wretched Offerings

Yesterday, the Kickstarter for "Parables & Prophecies to the Golden Ones" success! I've been hard at work doing some more demony stuff in hopes of getting in...
Me so happy, me so color!
Above is a rough color of the first demon drawing I created. I'm considering how far I want to take the coloring.
Demonus Plumpus
 Above is a new demon I came up with recently, which I really like. I originally gave him a sidekick, but I decided it was better to render them separately. Below you'll find his buddy along with a color version of the big guy...
Itty bitty baby demon

Demonus Plumpus Colorus
And that's all for now, just mainly wanted to show what I've been up to. Thanks for stopping by and keep your eyes out for the finished product of the Parables & Prophecies book! I'm really excited this project got its funding and I'm doing everything I can to try and get in. Stay tuned!