Friday, March 30, 2012

Darksol from Shining Force

I finally have the time to post something as well as something to post! I have a ton of freelance projects to show once they get released by the publishers, but that will still be a while yet. But here's a personal piece I did for fun after finishing up a bunch of freelance.

Darksol, from the video game Shining Force

If you remember my spotlight on Shining Force I posted the sketch for this piece there along with the original, in-game character art. I've deviated a bit from the original but I think my more demonic take on him is more like his character and considering his main goal in the game is to resurrect the ancient abomination, Dark Dragon I figured it would be cool to make him look more like the Dragon to hint at their relation. I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Even more Magic Alters

Been crazy busy lately and I don't have anything to show because it's mostly work related. Here are some Magic alters I did to unwind recently, a couple are just touch ups of old alters.
Ghoulraiser - Steve Prescott ...(gift for a friend)
Sporesower Thallid - Ron Spencer

Stromkirk Noble - James Ryman
Ember Hauler - Steve Prescott
Phyrexian Obliterator - Todd Lockwood

Friday, March 9, 2012

Updates: Art Projects and Magic Alters

I'm doing a lot of freelance work right now so while my blog makes it looks like I'm not doing much I'm actually doing more than I've ever done...I just can't share anything yet. I'm really happy with the work I've been producing though, it's definitely some of my best. I'm very excited to announce I successfully completed my first job with Fantasy Flight Games! The first job I received from them is still in the works, but the 2nd job I got with them is completely wrapped up and I'm on my way to doing even more work with them, which is GREAT. It feels really good to be working with a company as distinguished as FFG and to also be invited to do additional work. I guess I did something right on my first job then!

Onto Magic Alters!!...
Above are 3 new alters. I think I'm going to try and paint out the names of cards that have the name rewritten in the rules text from now on. I really like the feel of the Shriekmaw and I want to do more like that. I tried to do the same with Markov Blademaster but the paint got super chunky which kinda stinks. I'll see if I can do anything about that though. I need to learn to stay patient and not get frustrated with the paints, it gets tough when you have to fight against the paint. On the more positive side, Merfolk Sovereign is probably my best alter yet!

Here's the full list of cards done so far...
Demystify - Christopher Rush
Thallid Germinator - Tom Wänerstrand
Chandra's Spitfire - Justin Sweet
Grim Poppet - Kev Walker
Kessig Wolf - Wayne England

Child of the Night - Ash Wood
Utopia Mycon - Anthony S. Waters
Doom Blade - Chippy
Sudden Death - Dave Allsop
Full Moon's Rise - Terese Nielsen

Cone of Flame - Chippy
Darkthicket Wolf - Wayne England
Crossway Vampire - Mark Evans
Nightbird's Clutches - Jason A Engle
Curse of Stalked Prey - Christopher Moeller

Chandra Nalaar - Aleksi Briclot
Chandra's Outrage (2) - Christopher Moelller
Volcanic Dragon - Chris Rahn
Lurking Crocodile - Donato Giancola

Overrun - Carl Critchlow
Lumberknot - Jason A. Engle
Blightning - Thomas M. Baxa
Phyrexian Obliterater - Todd Lockwood
Sprout Swarm - Chippy

Fume Spitter - Nils Ham
Lightning Bolt - Christopher Moeller
Stromkirk Noble - James Ryman
Vapor Snag - Raymond Swanland
Ember Hauler - Steve Prescott

Essence Scatter - Jon Foster

Shriekmaw - Steve Prescott
Merfolk Sovereign - Jesper Ejsing
Markov Blademaster - Jana Schirmer & Johannes Voss