Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More Demon Dudies

Here are the last of my demon pieces. I'm going to give them a rest for now. I'm hoping to dive into the new Art Order challenge that's currently going on. I've really missed those challenges.
 The above guy I originally intended on being a demon, but it turned out looking too alien. There's a couple things I like about it but overall I'd call it a flop. It was a fun drawing though.

 I had a blast working on this guy. I really like the pose and the design. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with the colors. I'm pretty pleased with the final.

I really like this portrait, I had a lot of fun drawing it and I think it looks really cool. But by the time I got to coloring in the image I realized this was too much like the Darksol portrait I did a while back. I decided I didn't want to do another face forward demon portrait. So I made the hard decision of casting this to the side and moving onto the next one. I'm still happy I did the drawing though, maybe I'll revisit this later.

This last one is a rework of an old design I came up with a couple years ago that I've been really wanting to give it a new spin and make it a technically better image. I'm really pleased with the results and it's got me wanting to go back and revisit the other stages of this monster.

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