Monday, August 18, 2014

NEWS! I've added a shop page to my site!

I've decided to add a shop page to my site! I've got quite a few products that I've worked on in the past few years and I wanted to have an easy place for people to find where to buy what I've worked on. So click the following link to buy the deck of playing cards I illustrated for CollegeHumor or the shirts I've designed for

Like this one!


And of course, there's a link to my print shop as well for anyone who wants to hang some of my art on their wall. I'll make sure to post shop updates as I add new products to the list. Coming soon is the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Monster Manual as well as my George R. R. Martin Tshirt for Cracked. Keep an eye out!

Monday, August 11, 2014

"The Rise of the Wigmonsters" a 'John Dies at the End' painting

Over the course of the past month I've been working on my 2nd John Dies at the End painting, this time featuring the ridiculous and horrifying wigmonsters as they attack the audience in a Vegas ballroom, interrupting a show put on by Dr. Marconi.
The Wigmonsters
I decided to do something a little different with painting this one. Instead of posting process shots on my facebook page like I normally do, I exclusively posted my process for this piece on my own thread on the John Dies at the End sub-forum on So if you're interested on reading up on how this piece developed I encourage you to check out the thread HERE.

If you'd like to purchase a print of this piece you can get one on my InPrnt shop HERE

I go into detail on each step of the piece on the thread but I figured I would post the step-by-step shots here as well for anyone who doesn't want to scroll through a forum page. I hope you all like the piece!
Initial Scribble

Final Image
The next and final piece in my John Dies series will be featuring Korrok. Keep an eye on my thread if you'd like to follow along!