Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gentle Treefolk - Final

Here's the final painting of the Gentle Treefolk

I went through and streamlined my blog and spiced it up a bit. I hope you enjoy the update. If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to let me know.

-Just finished up my first batch of work for Savage Mojo. I'll share what I can once the project is announced.

-I am one week into my first ArtSlam and I have a special blog set up to show my progress. ArtSlam is a 1-3 month long event where participants come up with an idea/concept/goal and everyday create at least one sketch building towards this goal. Learn more about my concept from the new blog.


  1. hey mike am not sure if you remember me. I am Anthony's friend miguel we hang out like one day. anyway kool blog i just find it a few days ago.
    Am really digging your treefolk illustration, really good line work.

  2. Hey Miguel, yeah I remember us hanging out a couple times. I'm pretty sure you were at Anthony's block party that one time too. Thanks a lot for the comment, much appreciated!

  3. haa~ I love his expression, looks so shy and kind <3 I love your coloring~