Monday, May 23, 2011

All my web galleries have been updated.

I've spent the day updating all the various galleries I have on various websites and I plan on being more active in all these communities. If you're a member of any of the following feel free to look me up:

DeviantArt Gallery -- Username: FlammablePerson (I use this regularly so it hasn't had much of an update but I will be more active there)

Updated ConceptArt.Org Gallery -- Username: MikeBurns

Updated CG Hub Gallery and Profile -- Username: Burninator

Updated ImagineFX Gallery -- Username: MikeBurns

Updated CG Society Portfolio -- Username: MikeBurns

Updated Art Order Gallery -- Username: Mike Burns

I'm going to be making some more updates to try and streamline things but for now this is what I've got. Enjoy! Also, if you know how to edit stuff on ImagineFX well, please give me some pointers, that layout is killing me.

P.S. Sorry for all the different usernames. I don't know if you've noticed, but Mike Burns is a pretty ridiculously common name so I can't always chose it sadly. Still, enjoy!

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