Friday, November 4, 2011

Inspiration Spotlight #9: Egoraptor

Online personality Egoraptor (Arin Hanson) is an animator / voice actor who has achieved much success on websites like Newgrounds and Youtube. I remember watching Egoraptor animations way back in high school. He is the creator of and voice actor in his "Awesome" series, where he takes popular video games and turns them into hilarious Flash parody animations.
Here's his first animation uploaded way back in 2006: Metal Gear Awesome
He also has another series called Girlchan in Paradise which is a parody on anime and it pokes fun of the tendencies that come up a lot in anime.
Last but definitely not least (it's what sparked the idea to feature Egoraptor this week) he just started this new series called Sequelitis and he describes it as, "a funny and slightly educational look at sequels and the relationship they have with their predecessors". If you enjoy watching reviews on movies / video games, you'll most definitely enjoy this series (after I wrote this the second video just came out!). The first episode is on Castlevania and Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest.

It's cool coming across this stuff when you're a naive little high school student and then all of a sudden you realize how much work goes into this kind of stuff and you can appreciate the growth of his work over time, just keeps getting better.

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