Monday, March 18, 2013

Operation: Paizo Portfolio of Power, Objective Complete

Yesterday I finished up a new piece for my Paizo portfolio. This one features the iconic Paizo character Feiya, and her trusty fox.
Feiya's Flee
During my portfolio review with Paizo Art Director Andrew Vallas at IlluXcon, Andrew mentioned that in order to be better considered for working with Paizo it's a good idea to show what you can do with one of their characters. This became the main goal of this illustration, to Showcase an iconic Paizo character. In addition I wanted to use this piece to emphasize my love for creatures / monsters so I specifically chose one of the characters that has an animal sidekick, as well as choosing to have the character confronting a fearsome monster.
Feiya detail

Fox detail

Monster detail

Dungeon detail 1
 Above and below are a couple little details I added to help connect the monster to its environment. I wanted to illustrate that this is the creature's home, and within there are embellishments referencing the creature, perhaps out of respect, fear, or caution. Looking at the piece afterwards I could have probably pushed this idea even further in other areas as well. I might even go back after this post and tweak a couple things.
Dungeon detail 2
That's all for today. I'm hoping to punch out at least one more piece before I send off my portfolio to Paizo again. I hope you enjoy following me build this portfolio, it's been a lot of fun so far.


  1. Do you mind if I ask how you made this picture?

    It seems very detailed so I guess you used a big canvas.

    1. No problem! I did use a pretty large canvas for this one, larger than normal for me. The dimensions are 4320 pixels by 5400 pixels, 300 dpi. If there are any other details you'd like to know feel free to ask :) Thanks!