Monday, June 3, 2013

Goblin Test Pilot, creating my own art for an exisiting magic card

New piece!
I'm a big fan of Magic: the Gathering. Whenever a new set comes out I make sure to look up all of the new cards coming out as well as the artwork for each one. In the latest set, Dragon's Maze, (part of the Return to Ravnica block) they have a card called Goblin Test Pilot, illustrated by Svetlin Velinov.
Original Goblin Test Pilot illustration by Svetlin Velinov
I really love this card, it's flavor is really silly which is reflected in the really fun card mechanic and the illustration is completely badass. Svetlin did an awesome job on this piece and he's become one of my favorite Magic artists. You should really check out his other work HERE.

However, back in the original Ravnica block, another one of my favorite Magic artists, Matt Cavotta, did the illustration for a card called Goblin Flectomancer, which I absolutely love as well. The expression of the goblin, the outfit, the pose, all emphasizing the silliness of goblins. By the way check out Matt's work too, he has a great sense of humor in many of his pieces.
Goblin Flectomancer illustration by Matt Cavotta
 I have a tender spot for goblins due to their silly and somewhat dopey nature. And while Svetlin's goblins are super cool and look intimidating, I really love seeing silly goblins like Matt's. So I decided to take the concept being the Goblin Test Pilot card and make my own art for the card, focusing on more light-hearted and silly idea and execution. How do you prefer your goblins??
Mock-up of Goblin Test Pilot featuring my art
I'm really happy with how the piece turned out. I tried some things I've never done before (like paint a figure upside down and tried my hand at some architecture) and I think it's a good step forward for me. I still think Svetlin and Matt knocked their work out of the park compared to what I made but I took cues from both of them and it helped me create a piece I'm proud of.

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