Thursday, May 17, 2018

Website Launch

I recently launched my brand new website!

Features include sleek new portfolio galleries, and with my new shop ordering MTG artist proofs, original drawings, and prints has never been easier!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

"Run the Streets" an Homage to "Run the Jewels"

New Personal Project!

"Run the Streets"

For the past year or so I've been really getting into the music of hip-hop group Run the Jewels. Killer Mike and El-P make an awesome duo and I wanted to pay homage to them and their music as well as a their iconic 'Pistol and Fist' featured on all 3 album covers, created by artist Nicholas Gazin.

Run the Jewels / Run the Jewels 2 / Run the Jewels 3

In addition to tipping my hat to these guys, I used this piece as an exercise in execution. Lately I've been focusing on one of my bad habits of leaving areas of a piece too "unfinished". In my head, the idea is that I need to leave areas of less focus under-rendered so as not to distract from the main focus of the piece. While the concept itself is correct, I've been failing in the execution of it, leaving my work looking unintentionally unfinished, and in hind-sight, kind of sloppy. So with this piece I wanted to tackle it from the stance of wanting to fully realize every inch of the artwork.

I'm pleased with the results of the exercise. I'm happy with how the image looks and I was able to overcome some of the mental hurdles I regularly face while working. I'm hope to continue attacking this problem moving forward and ultimatly create better artwork as a result.

Some RTJ themed MTG alters I did a while back. They have a song on their 1st album titled Sea Legs.

To rap things up, if you haven't listened to their music, here are some of my favorite RTJ tracks, some accompanied by awesome music videos. Thanks for checking out this post! Keep on Jewel Running ;)

Rubble Kings Theme (Dynamite)

Nobody Speak

A Christmas Fucking Miracle

Blockbuster Night Part 1

Lie, Cheat, Steal


Panther Like a Panther

Thursday in the Danger Room

Thursday, January 4, 2018

7 - Unstable Wrap-Up


I just got done moving into a new place, and things are feeling much more stable now. It's kinda funny...I almost miss all that chaos now.


Seriously, if you read any or all of the blog posts I made for my Unstable art thank you so much! They were a ton of fun (and work) to put together and I hope they were just as fun for you to read despite some of them being more challenging than your average web article.
^Me Thanking You^

It was an exciting challenge to come up with different ways to present these posts. I knew from the start I wanted each one to tie back to the card somehow, either in how it functions or something about the art. I also wanted to start tame and ramp into crazy with each new post. I hope there weren't any you couldn't get through. Either way I'd love to hear any feedback good or bad. Very curious to know what people think.

For anyone interested in seeing my full collection of Unstable illustrations without any modifications (Party Crasher and Contraption Cannon specifically were altered for the sake of these posts) you can view them all HERE.

My "drafts" for the Party Crasher post. With authentic bite-marks.

I have to take a second to thank my good friend Kevin Holmes for helping me with these posts. His feedback not only gave me the confidence to go through with and post this series, but also helped edit things down while doubling up on humor. He's also the person who got me into Magic in the first place so he deserves many thanks. Special thanks as well to my niece Gabby for her artistic contributions to the Three-Headed Goblin post, I was happy to see her having fun helping me as well.

Again thank YOU so much for taking the time to take a look at these posts. My intention was to show off my work for the set in a fun and UNusual way that celebrates some of the many ways the Un-sets are so special. I hope I was able to accomplish this goal.

My model for Handy Dandy Clone Machine (I had too much fun doing this)

Don't forget to pick up some packs of Unstable for yourself and keep your fingers crossed for a 4th Un-set!! I would love to have an excuse to do another series of posts like these again haha.

Until then, stay UNSTABLE!!!

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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

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...craziness this from escape I while me excuse please Now

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Cannon Contraption - "!ConTRAPt a It’s" - 6

Thursday, December 28, 2017

5 - "S.O.S. Save Our Saucer" - Skull Saucer




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Thursday, December 21, 2017

3 - "Double Vision" - Handy Dandy Clone Machine

Hello Hello??

Uh uh--oh oh..

Ok Ok this this is is weird weird..

Today Today I I want want to to tell tell you you about about another another piece piece of of art art I I made made for for Unstable Unstable,, but but it it appears appears that that I I may may be be suffering suffering side side--by by--side side effects effects from from prolonged prolonged exposure exposure to to the the Handy Handy Dandy Dandy Clone Clone Machine Machine I I was was given given to to illustrate illustrate so so I I hope hope you you can can bear bear with with me me through through this this one one..

This This was was a a really really fun fun image image to to paint paint.. The The focus focus of of this this card card was was a a mad mad scientist scientist creating creating life life through through the the use use of of a a cloning cloning device device,, with with the the creature creature followed followed by by an an exact exact copy copy. I I was was asked asked to to depict depict a a creature creature that that looks looks kinda kinda sorta sorta like like a a disembodied disembodied hand hand,, except except for for the the fact fact that that it it is is not not exactly exactly a a disembodied disembodied hand hand.. Weird Weird request request,, fun fun challenge challenge..

I I was was really really happy happy with with how how the the creature creature came came out out,, and and my my art art director director,, Dawn Dawn Murin Murin,, seemed seemed pleased pleased as as well well.. I I hope hope all all the the players players like like it it too too.. I I am am especially especially excited excited to to see see how how the the card card works works now now that that the the set’s set's been been released released. Whenever Whenever I I play play this this card card I’ll I'll be be able able to to tell tell people people that that my my “token” "token" was was also also the the “model” "model" for for the the card's card’s art art.. Happy Happy joy joy!!

 Want Want to to see see the the sketches sketches??

You You can can see see in in the the sketches sketches that that I I experimented experimented with with a a furry furry green green version version of of the the creature creature as as well well,, kinda kinda riffing riffing off off the the big big red red furry furry monster monster from from the the Looney Looney Tunes Tunes.. I I like like what what came came out out in in the the final final but but I I still still enjoyed enjoyed the the idea idea behind behind the the other other version version..

Last Last but but not not least least,, like like my my previous previous Unstable Unstable artwork artwork,, I I created created an an original original drawing drawing that that I I used used in in the the making making of of this this piece piece,, seen seen below below..

Anyways Anyways,, I I think think that's that’s all all for for today today,, all all of of this this doubling doubling is is making making me me dizzy dizzy,, and and I I still still have have more more stories stories to to tell tell,, so so I I need need to to fix fix this this problem problem,, fast fast.. Hmm Hmm,, let’s let's see see.. Maybe Maybe if if I I fiddle fiddle with with this this switch switch here here……

Did Did Did Did that that that that work work work work????



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