Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lucas Christ

This was done for one of my Illustration classes. The assignment for this one was to portray a recognizable person as a god. I chose George Lucas and I decided to dress him up all sith-like and surround him by evil imagery from Star Wars to show my opinion of him. I really dislike the fact that George Lucas hogs all of the credit for the Star Wars films. Sure he played a mjor role in making the movies, but there are hundreds of other people who lent their talents to make Star Wars the success that it is and they deserve their recognition just as much. Not to mention he had even more control while working on the sequels and they are far inferior to the original trilogy. Anyways, bickering aside, I hope you enjoy my piece! I drew a lot from Byzantine art, and looked at some of the Star Wars movie posters for influence.

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