Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New work in progress!

Finally got some projects in the works! Here are 2 drawings I just inked up recently

For this assignment we had to illustrate animals doing human things. I've always wanted to see an elephant on a pogo stick!

For this assignment we had to illustrate a recognizable person as a god. I took this direction partially due to the fact that I'm currently taking a class called The Mythology of Star Wars. Also, I really wanted to draw a baby Darth Vader!

Stay tuned for the colored images as well as a couple other things in the works.


  1. Is the Mythology of Star Wars a real course on the SU campus? It sounds so fun and interesting! I might have to look into it if it is. :D Gotta have something for an academic elective. :)

  2. Yes it is! It's under TRF 530 if you're interested in switching into it this semester. So far we've watched a bunch of interviews and clips from the movies and had some pretty interesting discussions.