Monday, October 24, 2011

A Crabby Dentist and Tumblrs

Here's one of the sketches that I reclaimed from before. I haven't done anything children oriented in a while, so it was fun to mix things up a bit and revisit an old idea that I was still fond of. I feel like this piece would make for a great poster to hang up in dentist offices in order to get their patients to brush their teeth.
And here's the sketch again in case you forgot...


 In other news, I've recently created a Tumblr page and have been posting up all my work, hoping that people start sending my work around the web for me so I can essentially have other people marketing my work. It seems to be getting some good results so far, especially anything fan-art related (no surprise there). So if you're the kind of person that Tumbls, why not head over to my page and reblog a piece or two. If you don't, I'll just tell my crab dentist buddy that you haven't been brushing your teeth!

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