Saturday, November 3, 2012

IlluXcon 2012: Omega Sci-Fi-Fantasy Smackdown 5: Ressurection

^I want to go to there^
Next Thursday (in less than a week) I'll be heading over to Altoona, Pennsylvania to attend this year's IlluXcon. I'm immensely excited to see all the new work, attend some exciting lectures, buy some sweet goodies and of course setup my very own table in the Showcase room! If you want to find me and say hello (*wink wink* art directors) look for the image below...

"Come visit Mike Burns' Showcase table or I'll haunt you forever"
It's the image on my business cards, and there will be a nice sized print on display at my table as well. I'll have some things for sale, including a couple framed prints (like of the piece above!) if you're into that sort of thing. I've been preparing for this con for over a year, and it's almost finally here. Looking forward to the awesome time that's sure to be had. Hope to see you there!

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