Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kraken Wizard 3.0

Finished a new portfolio piece recently. I drew this guy in my sketchbook a little while back and I finally got a chance to paint him up. I'm pretty happy with how he turned out.
This actually isn't the first time I've painted this character. I first doodled this guy and painted him up back in 2007. I had just recently bought my first tablet and hadn't really been pushing myself at the time. Then in 2008, I got to meet an artist by the name of Sean Murray (I'll talk about him and his work more on Friday). and after seeing his work and hearing him talk about it, I decided to redraw the character and repaint him too. At the time I had blown myself away, I was so shocked that I was able to push myself to do a piece like the one in the middle below. A couple years later, and still pushing myself really hard, I've completed the piece you see above and below on the right.
I have no intention on slowing down anytime soon though, I've still got a long long way to go to really start reaching level I want, and even then I've got to keep pushing.

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