Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The fear of blood tends to create fear for the flesh - Silent Hill 1 Still Life

I just can't get enough Silent Hill in my life, as you can tell by my latest personal piece. Yet another Silent Hill inspired still life.
Silent Hill 1 Still Life
This one is based on the very first game in the series. The piece features 7 key items found throughout the course of the game. I posted a challenge over to my personal Facebook page to see if any of my Facebook friends could name all of the items in the piece, with bonus points going to anyone who can name the location.
Did you come up with any answers? Take a look and see how you did!
Here's some details about the items:
1 - Harry finds a page from Cheryl's sketchbook in the alley near the beginning of the game leading him to visit Midwich Elementary.
2 - Key found in Balkan Church, used to lower the drawbridge that leads into Central Silent Hill.
3 - The Flauros is given to you by Dahlia Gillespie, and is used to stop Alessa late in the game.
4 - Map found in the Cafe at the start of the game.
5 - This vial is found in a black plastic bag, hidden in a motorcycle at the motel where Dr. Michael Kaufmann was staying. Kaufmann uses this item to expel the demon god from Alessa at the end of the game.
6 - The radio Harry finds at the Cafe at the start of the game, emits static when monsters are near.
7 - These notepads are scattered through the game and used as save points. The idea is that Harry is recording the strange events he's experiencing.
- The location is hinted at by the bottom tip of a cross in the background, the podium, and both the Flauros and the drawbridge key are found there. I realize this is extremely subtle but I thought it could be figured out.

Whether you took a stab at the challenge or not, I hope you like the new piece! It was a lot of fun to work on and geek out with. I hope any Silent Hill fans who may pass by this can get some enjoyment from it. Thanks for looking!

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