Thursday, August 1, 2013

Painting Skulls for Dale Jr., Nascar, and the National Guard

I recently completed an awesome job with a company called Keyscaper.

Keyscaper makes awesome fan gear for all of your favorite professional and NCAA teams including mobile cases, audio gear and office accessories.

They mainly deal with already established icons and logos, but for this job they wanted brand new illustrations made up for Dale Jr.'s line of Nascar / National Guard products. I was asked to paint a few skulls in line with some of the other products for Dale Jr.
These are skulls
Above is the final illustration that I handed in. Since they plan on using this illustration on a variety of items, they asked to have each skull and the background smoke/texture on separate layers all on top of a transparent background. This way they can adjust the skulls and move everything around to their liking for each product and they don't have to worry about fitting to a specific background color. I don't usually work this way, so this project provided a unique challenge, but it all worked out nicely.
These are headphones...with skulls on them

Above is a preview of what my illustration look like on one of the products. The illustration features the National Guard logo as well as Dale Jr.'s signature and car number. Headphones are just one of the many products being released with my work on it though. Once the rest of the products are available for purchase I will be sure to make another post.

It was a great pleasure working for Keyscaper on this project and I really look forward to working for them again in the future as it's been a really rewarding experience thus far. Special thanks to Kelsey Erck for seeking me out for the project as well as her very professional work Art Directing the project!

P.S. I made a new post where you can get a look at the initial sketches for this project, as well as a list of available products featuring my skulls. Just click HERE.

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