Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ape-Tribe Shaman

I recently saw "The Rise of the Planet of the Apes" in theaters and I loved it! It was a really fun movie with some great action and I like what was done with the story. I left the theater really pumped to paint something "Ape" based.

I've been trying some new approaches with my digital painting and I'm really liking the results. I'm going to try and continue experimenting with different brushes and techniques. I've been using more reference lately as well and I think that's really upping the ante on the quality of my work, I don't understand why I'm so reluctant to use it...I've got to get over that!

You can purchase a print of this piece on Society 6.


  1. This is an amazing piece - AMAZING. You should be pleased - this takes your work to a whole new level. Keep it up, I'm so excited to see what develops.

  2. This was a really exciting piece to work on, and finishing it was VERY rewarding :) Definitely got me pushing myself harder to get more stuff up to this caliber. Thank you for the very kind words :)