Friday, August 12, 2011

Cytlierr - A Kevin Holmes Monster

My friend Kevin Holmes, has a pretty crazy imagination when it comes to creating monsters. He comes up with some amazing ideas aesthetically as well as statistically and I've always wanted to take a stab at doing my own thing with one of his monsters. The one above is named Cytlierr and it as drawn by Kevin and painted by myself.

According to Kevin...

"Cytlierr are guardians of the Bittercold Fortress and exist in small numbers, often fighting solo and guarding key positions. Covered in ultra thick ice armor, the Cytlierr acts as a powerful phalanx in combat.

-Frost Fastings - Covered in ice so cold, fire can't even melt it, Cytlierr can't even be harmed unless their front armor is broken, exposing the eye. Additionally, attacks cut through most armor and all cold resistance.

-Shroud of Sadness- When its eye is attacked, its eye wells up and cries tears that quickly refreeze into Frost Fastings.
-Phalanx- Cytlierr is aware of combat and able to parry up to three attacks either against itself or nearby allies, generally negating the 3 strongest melee opponents. Additionally,
Cytlierr never flinch and resist most status effects.
-Focused Strike- By temporarily forgoing parrying,
Cytlierr can lash at a single target 9 times in rapid succession after a normal hit, each hit shredding a bit more armor and causing the target to flinch.
-Icy Grab- If a large amount of damage is dealt to its arms, each arm that can't parry (in a multiple of 3) grabs a lighter character and binds it, dealing a large amount of damage and preventing it from doing anything. While grabbing, it rarely changes targets."

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