Friday, September 30, 2011

Inspiration Spotlight #4 - Magic: The Gathering

I've been playing Magic: the Gathering for about 4 years now and I'm a pretty big fan of the a lot of different aspects of the game. For one, it's a really fun game! There are seemingly endless card combinations for making your own personal deck allowing you to cater the game experience to your own style of play and allows you to cook up your own strategies for playing. As much as I enjoy the game itself I'd probably still be collecting cards even if I decided to quit playing, and that's all because of the art.
What made me love the art even more was when I picked up on the fact that the whole Magic universe has its own story that goes along with each set, giving each new set a unique flavor to it. To give you an example of what I mean by flavor, look at the card Daggerback Basilisk, below. Cool name, appropriately cool picture, cool ability, and some awesome flavor-text puts the cherry on top. Every part of the card is tied together making the overall appeal of the card much more interesting than if the creators had not gone through the trouble of doing so. In the end, this aspect of the game makes Magic a lot more fun.
The art hasn't always been as pretty as it is today. Magic has come a long way in all aspects of the game and the art is no different. The standards for Magic artwork today is absolutely jaw dropping, and I feel like I've still got a long ways before my work is up to that caliber. It's one of my goals to get commissioned to work for Magic, ideally before they decide to come out with a new joke set like Unhinged / Unglued (look them up if you haven't seen any of the cards, they're freaking hilarious). Until then I'll keep on pushing and keep on playing.
What led me to write a post on Magic was the fact that their new set, Innistrad, is being released today and I pre-ordered a huge box of booster packs that should be on their way at the time of this posting. I'm splitting the box with a friend and it should be a fun day of opening cards and building decks when they finally get here. This set looks absolutely amazing in regards to art, game-play and flavor. So much fun to be had very soon! If you wanna check out what the set looks like, all the cards have been posted on the Magic website here.

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