Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Some recent highlights...

I've been pretty busy with freelance work lately and I haven't gotten a chance to do any doodling for myself lately, so I don't have anything to display at the moment.

I did however finish up 3 black and white pieces for Savage Mojo, and 3 black & white pieces for Headless Hydra Games. They were commissioned to be done in black and white, but I'm considering adding color to them for myself for when I add them to my portfolio. When they get published I'll share the pieces and I plan on talking about my process a bit for each piece to give an idea of how I come up with ideas for my commissioned work. Until then you're just going to have to sit tight.

I also got contacted by a greeting card company and I'm in the process of working on my first couple of cards for their humor line. I'm pretty excited to get a chance to work in 2 completely different fields of illustration. I'm already realizing just how different doing fantasy-gaming work is from doing greeting card work, and I'm just getting started doing the card work! I'm enjoying the different approaches and thought processes involved with working in each genre and I can't wait to start showing what I've been doing.

I also wanted to note, I'm a member of the Sketchoholic community and my "Gentle Treefolk" piece is getting a full page in their zine titled 'Cutesies'. Inside you'll find TONS of adorable artwork along with some awesome interviews by awesome artists. If it sounds interesting, why not pick one up and support the community! You can preview the book and order yours HERE!
(Cover image by "Victorior")

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