Friday, January 6, 2012

Inspiration Spotlight #18: IlluXcon

That's right, IlluXcon gets it's own line in this post, it doesn't even need any period or anything either. IlluXcon is a fairly young convention that celebrates the Fantastic Arts and it is THE place to be for people who are looking to break into the Sci-Fi / Fantasy art industry, or if you're already comfortably nested in the industry you can enjoy the pleasure of hanging out with your friends and selling some goodies. There are tons of connections to be made, plenty of people more than happy to look at your work and talk about it, and lots of lectures and demos put on by the industry's leading talents.
On Wednesday, I mentioned I'm really trying to beef up my portfolio, and IlluXcon is the whole reason why. I have attended IlluXcon once before (the 3rd one) but I wandered around as some nobody just taking in the artwork and being terrified by and in awe because of all the talent surrounding me. I got a lot out of it but I didn't have a whole lot of direction. I just knew I wanted to go.
But this year for IlluXcon 5 I'm attending again and I'm trying to plan things out a little more. The first thing I did was buy a ticket along with a table in the Showcase room! Here I'll get to set up my own work for others to walk around to and see for themselves rather than having me walk up to everyone and make the puppy-dog eyes and ask "would you pwease wook at my powfowio?" I'm definitely going to take advantage of having a Showcase table.

(Another photo from IlluXcon 3 would be here if I were better about taking photos)

To give you an idea of what a big deal IlluXcon is for me, I've been in falling in and out of a slump with my work lately, but after simply paying for admission and a Showcase table, I'm already feeling super recharged and pumped up to do some awesome work in preparation. If you want to learn more about the convention there are a lot of other people who have done a great job of documenting it, I also talked about my experience briefly in this post. Really, nothing speaks for IlluXcon like the con itself so if you're interested at all, do yourself a favor and go!

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