Friday, January 13, 2012

Inspiration Spotlight #19: Jason Chan

Ok, I wasn't sure what to write about for the spotlight this week so I'm just going to gush a little over my favorite illustrator... JASON CHAN!!
 I've been following Jason's work for a few years now and he continues to be one of my biggest sources of inspiration in art. He's got some awesome ideas for illustrations (see above and below images). And they're topped off by being gorgeously rendered. There are TONS more illustrations out there by JChan that you should see and my folder of his work is currently at 183 (if only he posted stuff online more often!).
 Another reason I love Jason Chan is because I've learned a lot from looking at his work and watching his tutorial videos. I also came across a section on his website called "The Junk Drawer" where he had archived tons of old pieces from back when he wasn't quite as good. I was in awe after going through all the sections and actually seeing his growth happen with each new year of work. Seeing his less matured work alongside his now ridiculously-awesome work made me realize that he started off right where I did and so there's really no reason I can't improve to his level as well. His website seems to be down right now and "The Junk Drawer" section was closed off well before that, but here's a blog post I came across that gives an example of what I'm talking about as far as his growth as an artist.
 Lastly here is some of his most recent work for the new Magic: The Gathering expansion Dark Ascension (above and below images). He does a lot of great work in various genre's and I'm always excited to see new work from him. Please check out his stuff if you aren't familiar!

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